Bannon Brazell


Player Profile

Date of Birth May 26th, 2004
Hometown Vienna, VA
Graduation Year 2022
GPA 3.1
Intended Major Business
School Preferences Univ of TN (prospect). Univ of VA (prospect). UNC Chapel Hill. Univ of FL. University of Alabama.
Weight 174 lbs
Height 5'10"

Career Information

Bats Right
Throws Right
Throwing Velocity 87 mph
60 yard dash time 7.01
10 yard split 1.76
Batting Exit Velocity 91 mph
Coach Reference Mark "Pudge" Gjormand 703-975-4124 Varsity

Bannon Brazell is a 2022 C/3B from Vienna, VA. Brazell’s primary position is catcher under the coaching of Catchers U Principal Jack Ferrick, and Brewers scout. Brazell starts from a low set behind the plate, standing up out of the crouch with quickness to the release, making throws with accuracy to bases at 87 mph resulting in a high percentage of CS and pickoffs. 2020 official pop times 1.93 and 1.94. Brazell is a right-handed hitter that starts from a narrow and slightly open stance, with a leg lift trigger longer stride to contact, and has a linear barrel plane through the zone, with developing bat speed and exit velo currently at 91 mph.